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Cabana Health founders by sunset
Cabana Health founders by sunset

What do you mean by social health? That’s normally the first question. With the people I’ve talked to, there’s an intrigue and hesitation at the same time. It’s almost as if there’s an awareness of the underlying potential, but a fear of the dangers present if not handled correctly.

I understand both sides — especially the hesitation. In today’s world, no one is doing social health right. Not Strava… not MyFitnessPal… not this app, those wearables, or that community. It’s all broken and segmented. …

We just sent out a big update, clearing us for a mini-launch this week! 🚀

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Over the last month, some incredible things have happened.

  • We’ve watched an invite-only beta spread to over 18 countries
  • We’ve watched user retention hold incredibly steady at 40mins / day / user
  • We’ve watched our WAU and MAU chart continue to track up and to the right

The best part? We’ve been heads down, building the product, talking to investors, mapping out a new professional-app roadmap, and connecting with fellow builders who…

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

About: We connect with your mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition activity so you can sync health goals with whoever you want on a single app. In our cabanas, it doesn’t matter if your friends use different apps or wearables to track their wellness.

We’re sending out a big update this week, with a LOT included 😁. Let me tell you about it!

A new way of displaying cabana activity averages

Cabana Shared Goals

Our shared goal structure within cabanas is changing for the better.

Right now, it’s kind of a manual process — which we don’t like. Our current app enables you to…

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

Ah, it’s nice to take a break and write a quick update on what’s going on at the company. A lot has happened since the last time I checked in, so let’s get right to the progress.

Cabana Health’s Instagram Page

V2 Launch

Our beta is officially live. It’s been exciting going through the iterations we went through, as well as stress-testing our alpha, to be finally able to get to this point. …

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

Happy new year! Here at Cabana Health we’re starting it off with a bang. 💥

A milestone

Our team is excited to launch our V2 app this coming week. We plan on internally stress-testing the build and then gradually rolling our app out, culminating in a release on the App Store.

We can break down this V2 release into two key areas: product & people (I wrote a Twitter thread on this subject here).

First comes people, the users of your product/service

Leading up to our V2 build, we prioritized:

  1. Current users. These are the people who offer key insights about…

😅 🎉 😷

There’s so many cliches I could use to start this note. I won’t, don’t worry — you’ve heard them all year.

I sat down to write this article today so I could reflect on some of the things that have happened in my life, knowing many of them were foundational moments that will guide me into 2021. I wish everyone the best this new year — let optimism guide your approach as you throw away 2020. 🙂🗑

Climbing a mountain outside of San Diego


Years are made up of experiences, so that’s where I’ll start. The most obvious happening in my life was the…

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

Sorry for missing the last 2 weeks! It’s been busy. 😅

/ From Last Week


Our new site is live! 🎉 Check it out and let us know your feedback at . We’re focused on streamlining the process of both explaining the app and making it easy to download. We believe we did a better job of that with this layout.

App Store

You will notice we are not listed on the App Store. This is for two reasons.

  1. We still have the word “beta” stated in our app, which is not allowed when publishing (whoops!)…

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

Third week’s publication! Before we start, I really think you should drop a follow. You’re reading this anyway — why not be in the know for next time 😉!

Cabana Health Logo
Cabana Health Logo
Cabana Health Logo

Alright — here’s some things we’re working on this week…

New Website

We’re switching up our onboarding flow, and this starts with our website.

Our V2 app launch this New Years will dramatically alter our existing product. We want to be prepared for the demand and have the infrastructure in place to scale sustainably. …

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals 😎

Week 2! Lot’s of exciting things to talk about. We’ve began our transition to a new UI, and a new product altogether. This starts with our Insights screen, which you can see below…

Cabana Health Insights Screen Update

UI/UX Overhaul (continued)

This is the first screen we’ve optimized (and will continue to update). The focus was making the interface clearer and more usable, with the “+Add” button and following screen making it easy to add activity to your Insights.

Next on the list is your cabana experience. We’re going to optimize the experience of joining, creating, and maintaining…

/ a weekly publication about our team’s short-term goals 😎

Hi! MacBrennan Peet here, cofounder and product architect at Cabana Health. This is the beginning of a weekly publication where I discuss some of the major improvements we’re working on at Cabana. There’s a bunch of reasons I believe this is a good idea, a few are below…

Cabana Health cofounders enjoying a beach walk
  1. Users! We want current Cabana Health Teammates to have clarity and transparency on all the ways we’re trying to serve them better. They are our favorite people and we want to keep them in the know!
  2. Non-Users! Our team would love to…

MacBrennan ⏳

memento mori // founder, @gzmlaunch , @katalpakcm , @cafebohemian+ /// investor & writer…

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