Cabana Health founders by sunset

  • We’ve watched an invite-only beta spread to over 18 countries
  • We’ve watched user retention hold incredibly steady at 40mins / day / user
  • We’ve watched our WAU and MAU chart continue to track up and to the right

A new way of displaying cabana activity averages

Cabana Shared Goals

Cabana Health’s Instagram Page

V2 Launch

A milestone

First comes people, the users of your product/service

  1. Current users. These are the people who offer key insights about…

Climbing a mountain outside of San Diego


/ From Last Week


App Store

  1. We still have the word “beta” stated in our app, which is not allowed when publishing (whoops!)…

Cabana Health Logo
Cabana Health Logo

New Website

Cabana Health Insights Screen Update

UI/UX Overhaul (continued)

Cabana Health cofounders enjoying a beach walk
  1. Users! We want current Cabana Health Teammates to have clarity and transparency on all the ways we’re trying to serve them better. They are our favorite people and we want to keep them in the know!
  2. Non-Users! Our team would love to…

MacBrennan ⏳

memento mori // founder, @gzmlaunch , @katalpakcm , @cafebohemian+ /// investor & writer…

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