A Build-in-Public Investor Update

We just sent out a big update, clearing us for a mini-launch this week! 🚀

  • We’ve watched user retention hold incredibly steady at 40mins / day / user
  • We’ve watched our WAU and MAU chart continue to track up and to the right

Things we’ve been tracking

We’ve spent a lot of time finding qualitative-oriented adjustments through iterative feedback. Our team has been talking with our global user-base every day to carve out unique insights and narrow our focus to the key features driving the user experience.

  • Fixing bugs associated with linking data points to cabanas
  • Optimizing load time and navigation
  • Improving the onboarding experience
  • Making support resources more accessible
  • Exploring existing tech verticals to better understand where the needs we’re addressing are the most severe

Things we have planned

First things first, we’re planning an upcoming Product Hunt launch to open our app to new outsiders. This will be our first time using Product Hunt, and we anticipate our usage to climb even with a non-targeted audience if done successfully.

In exciting news, we’ve started mapping out our V3 product — our professional app.

The speed and strides we’ve taken from our alpha (November, V1) to our beta (February, V2) and now to our professional app (Pending, V3) is something I’m very proud of.

memento mori / cofounder @ http://cabana.health // also started @cafebohemian • @katalpakcm • @genzlaunch

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