Experience Social Health Without Constraints

Cabana Health is on a mission to redefine personal wellness

Cabana Health founders by sunset

What do you mean by social health? That’s normally the first question. With the people I’ve talked to, there’s an intrigue and hesitation at the same time. It’s almost as if there’s an awareness of the underlying potential, but a fear of the dangers present if not handled correctly.

I understand both sides — especially the hesitation. In today’s world, no one is doing social health right. Not Strava… not MyFitnessPal… not this app, those wearables, or that community. It’s all broken and segmented. It’s an individualistic, competitive mess that leaves people broken and defeated.

Cabana Health changes those themes, and we start with competition. The right kind of competition is great. It’s an effective tool that can push you past your limits. As cliche as it sounds, you’re truly at your best when your only competition is yourself.

However the wrong kind of competition will leave you lost, and that’s the kind we see perpetuated across health apps and social media at large. It’s an “I’m-better-than-you” environment that quickly turns into a zero-sum game. Either try to beat your friends or look like you’re not good enough.

This is destructive, and it doesn’t model any success formula we see in the real world.

Think of the teams you love that are efficient in reaching their goal. It could be a sports team, a company, a charity — whatever it is, it functions inherently different than the health apps and social media you use. The goals are shared, people work together, support each other, and the team is greater than the individual.

Cabana Health founders at the top of a mountain

This is what personal health & wellness should be. Don’t get me wrong, there are pockets here and there where people work effectively as wellness teams. However, you will not find a unified platform that syncs with those different communities scattered across different apps & wearables while bridging together your mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition activity into the palm of your hand.

Cabanas do that. They can be whatever you want them to be, with whomever you want them to be with. They’re teams done right. Your goals are cabana goals. You need your teammates to reach the long term, holistic milestones your cabana is centered around. Support, accountability, and teamwork — rudimentary resources we all need to succeed, leveraged to help you live healthier.

At Cabana Health, we’re social health done right. Now, the potential is in your hands.

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