This Week at Cabana Health (Nov. 16, 2020)

/ a weekly publication about our team’s short-term goals 😎

Hi! MacBrennan Peet here, cofounder and product architect at Cabana Health. This is the beginning of a weekly publication where I discuss some of the major improvements we’re working on at Cabana. There’s a bunch of reasons I believe this is a good idea, a few are below…

Cabana Health cofounders enjoying a beach walk
  1. Users! We want current Cabana Health Teammates to have clarity and transparency on all the ways we’re trying to serve them better. They are our favorite people and we want to keep them in the know!
  2. Non-Users! Our team would love to broadcast all the ways non-users are missing out… and why they should join our community! We want you to be next in line on our waiting list — maybe this will convince you 🙂.
  3. Investors! This can be a spot where we provide illumination to the funds/investors interested in our venture. When it’s raising time, they can check out where we were and where we’re going!
  4. Stakeholders! There’s more to our community than Cabaners (our team), Teammates (users), potential Teammates, and financial backers. We want all our stakeholders to get a glimpse of our company from the inside, and see why working with/around us is so great 😎.

So, what are we working on this week? Here’s some big things…

UI Overhaul

Right now our main build is kind of like a website — you have to go to one central screen before you can go where you want. We want our Teammates to get places faster. So we’re starting testing of a tab-view that will increase familiarity and simplify accessibility during navigation.

The current format has allowed us to get a better look at what parts of the app users like most. By inhibiting accessibility, people tend to go to the places that matter and hang out there for a little longer. This has given our team some valuable insights.

Task Simplification

There’s a lot of unneeded work our Teammates have to do for a range of processes. We’re identifying these tasks and finding clear ways to optimize them. Every tap or swipe on Cabana should and will be seamless and intuitive. It’s up to us to make that happen one optimization at a time.

Display Optimization

This is for one screen to start, and then we’ll quickly move to the next. Right now, it’s looking like our Insights screen will get first pick! By the end of this week, we’ll have optimized that page considerably to reduce clutter, increase clarity, and lay a better foundation for when Teammates are connecting to cabanas.


There’s been a few key optimizations our Teammates have highlighted while signing up. We love this feedback and will make sure we address immediate issues for our next major update!

Thank you to our Beta Leaders for your suggestions thus far — we’ll continue to rely on your feedback as we build Cabana Health around you! Many of your suggestions have been so elegant and clearly no-brainers. Our team will continue to do a few facepalms 🤦‍♂️, look at each other and say “duh”, and then get back to making Cabana Health the inviting, inclusive, encouraging environment we know it will be 😃.

See you next week!




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