This Week at Cabana Health (Nov. 25, 2020)

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2 min readNov 25, 2020


/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals 😎

Week 2! Lot’s of exciting things to talk about. We’ve began our transition to a new UI, and a new product altogether. This starts with our Insights screen, which you can see below…

Cabana Health Insights Screen Update

UI/UX Overhaul (continued)

This is the first screen we’ve optimized (and will continue to update). The focus was making the interface clearer and more usable, with the “+Add” button and following screen making it easy to add activity to your Insights.

Next on the list is your cabana experience. We’re going to optimize the experience of joining, creating, and maintaining cabanas. This is far too clunky right now. Included in this push is our focus on making the cabana screens’ UI more modular and clear, much like what we did with Insights above.

The UI/UX work we’re doing is leading to something big. We will launch Cabana Health V2 around New Years. This launch will line up with a completely updated user experience — no screen will be left untouched — and an exciting new functionality we’ve been hinting at with our beta users.

Backend Bug Fixes / App Stability

As with every update, we’ve included a range of backend fixes in our most recent push. This is standard with every update — so much so that it almost goes without mentioning, but I’ll make note of it here.

/ From Last Week

  • Last week we said we were going to make some optimizations to our onboarding experience. That is included in our new build.
  • The Insights UI will be wrapped up by the next update (still want to make some final, minor touch-ups).
  • We simplified the task of adding activity to Cabana Health, which is an important starting point when new users join our community.
  • Our UI revamp is off to a great start. We can’t wait to hear what our Teammates think of the Insights screen, and we’re even more excited for the optimizations we’ll make next

If you’re reading this and aren’t on the Cabana Health app / haven’t secured your spot on the waitlist, I‘d encourage you to request access at our site Our waitlist is rapidly expanding, so I wouldn’t delay. We’d love for you to be included in our original user cohorts… if you sign up now you might be able to say you we’re on before the launch of V2 😉.

See you next week!



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