This Week @ Cabana Health 🚀

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

Happy new year! Here at Cabana Health we’re starting it off with a bang. 💥

A milestone

Our team is excited to launch our V2 app this coming week. We plan on internally stress-testing the build and then gradually rolling our app out, culminating in a release on the App Store.

We can break down this V2 release into two key areas: product & people (I wrote a Twitter thread on this subject here).

First comes people, the users of your product/service

Leading up to our V2 build, we prioritized:

  1. Current users. These are the people who offer key insights about our app. They tell us, either directly or indirectly, about approaches we can take to more effectively address their needs. Our V2 build was guided by texts, calls, and analytics as well as internal ideating.
  2. Non-current users. These are both people who haven’t heard of our app and people who’ve stopped using it. It is our responsibility to continually push for outside, uninitiated feedback in order to stress-test the limitations of audience growth. It is also our responsibility to identify the things that discouraged continued usage, and fix them.

This hopefully sounds simple, and it is when you put it on paper. It isn’t as much when you’re managing the product. That’s why I think it’s great I can write this down as a reminder to stay focused on the things that matter.

Next comes product, the product/service you introduce to make an audience’s lives exponentially better

Leading up to our V2 build, we prioritized:

  1. Utility. Do people want to come back and use our app again, unprovoked? Do they want to come back not because of interest, but because of function? Are we offering a unique, core solution? Questions like these need to be answered in the affirmative to prove any form of viability. We saw users say “yes”, so we continued.
  2. Growth. Are people inviting friends to join them on the app? This may be framed as a question particular to a community-driven product, but I think it’s necessary to check this box for any product or service. Even if you’re B2B, if people aren’t telling others to use your solution, you’re going to lose. With Cabana Health, we saw people invite friends, and their friends invite friends, so we gave ourselves the green light for our true beta product — V2.

Now comes the rollout. This a fresh start, and we’ll be experiencing a range of new variables/experiences over the next weeks/months. We’re excited for them, and I’ll make sure to illuminate them here.

I can’t wait to see what we accomplish with this new app. Our V2 has the potential to redefine lifestyle wellness, now we have to execute. 🚀

You’re welcome to join me on that journey ;)

See you next week!




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