This Week @ Cabana Health 🚀

/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

Sorry for missing the last 2 weeks! It’s been busy. 😅

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Our new site is live! 🎉 Check it out and let us know your feedback at . We’re focused on streamlining the process of both explaining the app and making it easy to download. We believe we did a better job of that with this layout.

App Store

You will notice we are not listed on the App Store. This is for two reasons.

  1. We still have the word “beta” stated in our app, which is not allowed when publishing (whoops!). We’ll fix that with the next update.
  2. We’re figuring out our waitlist schema and making it very clear what people can expect as they wait for our V2 and/or hop on our V1.


We’ve just started marketing. We’ve made a few hires to help out with this push and are focused on driving attention to our product, expanding our waitlist, and getting adaptive feedback on what we’re building from our video and in-person demos. We’re approaching marketing as just “talking to users”. We want to hear what people truly have to say, not just direct them to our website. 😃


Our team was very busy with finals the last 2 weeks so our UI/UX push is also now beginning. We’re focused on improving the usability of the app and getting prepped for V2.

This week

This week we will be working on development, marketing, and taking a look at our raising pipeline. Oh, and there’s Christmas this week — so our team will be taking some time to do that 🎄.

We’re all working hard. This V2 will be our first true beta product, something we look forward to learning from.

One Last Thing

I’ve started using Twitter a bit more to talk about what we’re up to — you can connect with me here. That’s all for now! If you haven’t already, head to our site and request access — if you refer two people we’ll immediately put you on our live V1 app while you wait for our V2 launch!

See you next week!

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