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/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

Third week’s publication! Before we start, I really think you should drop a follow. You’re reading this anyway — why not be in the know for next time 😉!

Cabana Health Logo
Cabana Health Logo

Alright — here’s some things we’re working on this week…

New Website

We’re switching up our onboarding flow, and this starts with our website.

Our V2 app launch this New Years will dramatically alter our existing product. We want to be prepared for the demand and have the infrastructure in place to scale sustainably. For that reason our team will be a little slower in admitting people from our waitlist.

Our new website (live later this week / next week) is simple and clear in explaining why.

App Store

We will soon be listed on the App Store. This is a big moment! We’re doing this for a variety of reasons, the biggest one: we want anybody and everybody to be able to download our app.

New teammates will be able to reserve their username and directly join our waitlist in the process. Soon we’ll be able to say “download Cabana Health”… crazy thinking about that.


We’re going to begin organic marketing. We want our V2 product to find the people who best align with our approach and mission… We’re still figuring out who exactly our target market really is!

We plan to use marketing as a responsive tool for our V2 app — using it not just to promote our brand, but to gather insights on the features that matter most to the outside world.

Our team can’t wait to begin. We want our product to continually amaze fresh faces all over the world.


The in-app cabana experience renovation is officially kicking off this week! We’re going to start with the main screens and make room for a huge functionality upgrade coming soon 😏.

Plus we’re going to improve the cabana joining/creating experience as soon as we can. Step by step, but this is where our UI/UX focus is right now.

/ From Last Week

  • Insights is now completely wrapped up (for now 😜) enjoy it in our next update!

One Last Thing

This is basically the last chance to get on the waitlist before we list our app on the App Store! I’d go for it, it’s all reward no risk by requesting access today → . Soon that website will be something else, and our app (and expanding waitlist) will be off to the races 🏇!

See you next week!




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