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/ a weekly publication of our team’s short-term goals

About: We connect with your mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition activity so you can sync health goals with whoever you want on a single app. In our cabanas, it doesn’t matter if your friends use different apps or wearables to track their wellness.

We’re sending out a big update this week, with a LOT included 😁. Let me tell you about it!

A new way of displaying cabana activity averages

Cabana Shared Goals

Our shared goal structure within cabanas is changing for the better.

Right now, it’s kind of a manual process — which we don’t like. Our current app enables you to set a goal, and then everyone in the cabana has to work together to achieve it.

(Remember — we sync with the activity you already do. There’s nothing manual you need to do to achieve goals — we sync with what you’re already tracking across mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition.)

This current process is good for team building, BUT it puts a lot of responsibility on the cabana admin’s shoulders to reset goals every day/week/month… or whatever cadence the shared goals are on.

So, we’re doing something innovative 🤓.

We’re going to calculate the cabana average for each goal, each week. Meaning, we’re going to recognize the total summation of every teammate’s contribution towards each goal — whether it’s Steps or Swimming, Vitamin C or Meditation.

That way, at the end of the week, everyone will know the team average to beat the next week. We think this is a great way to bridge teamwork with team improvement over time. Ultimately, this can be an essential tool in building healthier lives through positive accountability.

Updates to the leaderboard

Cabana Leaderboards

Our shared goals are changing… how can we improve our leaderboard too?

Right now, cabana leaderboards are based on each Teammate’s total contribution the entire time they’re in the cabana. This has some problems attached to it…

  1. Joining a cabana early gives you an advantage, because you can build up individual contribution to the shared goals before others get the chance.
  2. Our new shared goals format will reset cabana goals each week, so we should have a leaderboard that matches that cadence.
  3. We want our cabanas to reward Teammates for living healthier, and for making adjustments to achieve that. So, with our new format, everyone starts back at 0 each new week. A perfect fresh start.

I believe these changes make the cabana experience more engaging, inclusive, and easier to understand. I can’t wait to see what our users think!


We’re going to expand invites with this build, so keep your eyes peeled for one 👀

Each user will be assigned an invite code through the app that she or he can use to invite others. Hitting wellness goals with your friends is the best way to stay healthy, so we’re making it easy to start your own cabana with them!

Invites will be capped, so we encourage our current and future users to take advantage of them while they’re live 😉!

New Calibrating visuals

New Users/Teammates

This week we onboard an exciting new demographic and an exciting new group.

We’re about to welcome a large group of Millennials to Cabana Health! We’re super excited about this demographic for a variety of reasons. From a statistical perspective, Millennials are the top users of wearable technology (and primarily health apps), so we might be able to benefit more people from this demographic than any other.

However, on a real level, we’re just supper happy our product is reaching new people and can’t wait to hear all the ways we can make it better from this awesome group of Teammates.

We’re also going to be expanding our product to the Carnegie Mellon Running Club! More and more, we want to help built-in communities by enhancing what they already have going. This is just the start, and I can’t think of a better first group of users from this side of things! (shout-out CMU!)

Another use case that will be included in this next cohort is a doctor who works with professional athletes. He stressed that he wants to use our app to track holistic progress with his clients in his own cabanas, and I thought that was absolutely incredible. We’ll be interested to see what enhancements we can build around this particular use case as his cabana grows!

Backend Optimizations

As with every update, we’re continuing to improve our backend to be better prepared to scale efficiently. We want the app experience to be effortless. Therefore, we’re doing everything we can to load faster, run quicker, and perform smoother for all of our users.

Anyone in this community that’s not on Cabana Health is missing out

Who’s Next?

There are communities out there that are built to try to solve what we do. This is an incredibly positive sign, and it’s our job to show these people how Cabana Health is 1000x better than what they’re doing now.

Selling the merits of new technology is much harder than people realize… much, much harder. I’m excited by what I learn every day while trying to make that process incrementally simpler.

That’s all for now, more soon to come.

See you next week!




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